Maybe there’s a beast…maybe it’s only us – Simon, Lord of the Flies


Over the weekend, Kevin Kless died after being beaten to death by four men – four blocks from my home. The only explanation so far is that the men “may have thought Kless had been yelling at their vehicle.”

Is this how we now deal with conflict? This saddens me.

Also this weekend, we went to a movie. Truth be told, the movie wasn’t very good. Regardless of the quality, the experienced was ruined by the people behind us, who insisted on talking the entire time. Am I ridiculous for being afraid of asking them to be quiet? You tell me, I live in a city that needed a curfew all summer due to random flash mobs that gathered to beat up random strangers. When we left, we discussed the possibility of not going to the movies any more, or maybe only going to our local independent cinema.

I used to love the shared experience of films, it didn’t matter who you were, for two hours, you were in the same room with everyone else, experiencing the same thing. I hate thinking about only going to films where I know “people like me” will be.

Is this how we now survive? This frustrates me.

I know we consider ourselves the smartest, the strongest, the greatest, but is it true?  Are we able to call ourselves a civilized society solely on our ability to make unprecedented leaps in technology? When I look around, I don’t see refined, I don’t see civilized. I see savages.

Is this how we now define civilized? This angers me.

I am sad, angry and frustrated and I have no idea how to fix any of it. I don’t believe change will come through blog posts alone, but I do want to talk about it more. This is a complex problem and one we can only solve together. If anyone has any suggestions for what I should do to help fix what I see as a big problem, I’m all ears.

While I know this is a situation that requires more than just heartfelt words, where else do I start? If I could say one thing to everyone in my city and have them truly hear what I was saying, it would be:

Take Care.

Take care of yourself. Take care of the people around you. Take care of your city.