I’m really excited to be hanging out in a city that has just unlocked Skillshare. My initial excitement comes from my love of startup parties: no matter how much booze you throw at it, you’re still surrounded by a roomful of social awkward nerds. There’s more to my excitement than just that though, because Skillshare means learning and there’s nothing I love more than learning. As people are putting their brave pants on and signing up to teach classes, I thought I’d put together a quick list of stuff I’d like to learn about.

5. Learning about grapes. I like wine and I’m sort of not quite horrible at picking wine to go along with dinner. I’d love to learn more about the different kinds of grapes that go into making the different kinds of wine. Similarly, I’m all about the history of booze. If you geek out on knowing why porters came into existence, please share your knowledge with the rest of the world. Learning about this sort of stuff makes me appreciate what I’m drinking so much more.

4. Anything involving LED lights. Where they are little light up pins like @wintr is so fond of making, or something more complicated, I love learning about stuff that puts me one step closer to building a robot. I feel like LED light projects fill this requirement.

3. Basic rules of sewing. I have a sewing machine, I’d like to use it more often, but I’m kind of nervous about the whole thing. I’d love to start making my own clothes (I have ideas! Visions! In my mind, I’m totally fashionable!), but I don’t really know how. To start, I’d like to learn a couple of tricks to modify clothes that I own that don’t currently fit.

2. 5 quick tips for posting photos on your blog. I am the world’s worst photographer. That hipster bug never bit me. I don’t want to be a photographer, but I wouldn’t mind some basic tips on posting photos to my blog. If you’re an amazing photographer (and I don’t mean cheesy yearbook photos and bad wedding portraits), I’d love to learn a couple of basics from you so that every picture I post on my blog is slightly more identifiable.

1. Knitting for the non-crafty. Knitting seems like such a cool hobby and not just because old ladies do it. The fruits of your labour keep you warm and stylish (depending on your skills). If you get really good, you can make fancy stuff. I’d be happy with making scarves and leg warmers though. Please help! Winter is coming. 

Its a good list, right? If you could take a class on anything, what would you want to learn about?