Dear Team,
I took the Bart this morning! Everything went smoothly, except I passed my stop and had to get off and get on another train going the other way. No big deal. Note to self: if everyone else is getting off and it is rush hour, you probably want to be getting off as well.

I missed the first talk. Kevin Kelly from Wired is up and I SWEAR ON BABY JESUS he is talking about how the future is the semantic web. Ralph de la Vega introduced by Mike Arrington. I don’t like Arrington. Kind of not interesting, I’m confused by how this guy does journalism for a living, but is a really shitty interviewer. Can he not think of any good questions? Also: I can turn my phone off at night and it’ll turn on when my alarm goes off in the morning. I feel like someone should point this out to Arrington who felt the need to mention that he doesn’t use his phone as an alarm, as it rings all night.

A panel on health. Very interesting! Not much to write about, as I’m trying to listen, unfortunately. I’ll try and recap in person if anyone is interested. New cool things: skin cells into embryonic stem cells and massively speeding up discoveryby enlisting every citizen (bascially…I think).

Came in early for what next for Media talk. Caught the last half of the Army CIO talking about how the army uses social networking. Interesting security concerns about soldiers using FB/YouTube etc and getting malware on PCs. Hahaha, if I got an email from Major O, I’d assume it was talking about the big O. The army…doesn’t. Twitter and Current – what’s new? What’s not new? How are you going to make money? Twitter hasn’t focused on that yet. Current – old fashioned biz model of getting paid on 58 million subscribers getting c. tv into their homes. Collaborated with each other and Digg for election day coverage. Viewer created ads on current – Pretty funny ad about Prius. UGC done correctly, I think. If it is ugc, current always lets you know that’s what it is. Therefore some accountability as to people not just ‘trusting’ it is true. Saul Griffith brought a prop. An IV drip of oil. He is using it as an egg timer. He wants to know how he fits in to the whole green movement. He estimates he used 17027 W a year. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really understand what he is talking about.

Mark Zuckerberg – Shell and I are both noting that he’s had some public speaking training, for sure. Facebook being banned at work – MZ says that anecdotely, he hears the opposite. He says using tools within FB office gives him confidence that FB for business will happen (they have no plans to go this direction).

I’ll post more later today, but need to send this draft off as it is getting buried in my inbox.