Dear Team,
I’m down in San Francisco. Our trip to the airport this morning has taught me two things: 1) you don’t have to be on time for customs, they’ll bump you to the front of the line and 2) you don’t really need a boarding pass. I lost mine in the airport and it was NBD.

Talks started this afternoon, here’s the recap:

1st. Dr. Larry Brilliant – it seems everyone must mention Obama before anything else. Like actors must thank god and athletes must thank their teammates. is a hybrid philanthropy organization. Stole the model from Salesforce. This obviously works when you aren’t yet a public company. has three current initiatives.

I feel compelled to take a moment to say that Dr. Brilliant looks and sounds very similar to the guy on Mad Men. Anyway, the first initiative involves helping parents know that their children have clean water, are getting an education, etc. Illiterate parents don’t know if their children are literate. Good point. Dang, wouldn’t bringing home your report card be the best ever in that situation!

2nd. Predict and prevent. Early detection on new viruses. Well, this is pretty much what you’d think. Google health maps is pretty cool. Oh dang, I typed a whole bunch and it disappeared. 3rd is climate change. Including server efficiencies, etc. Try to publish their findings, he feels that they always fall on the right side of the moral line on everything we do.

Change of topics to Dr. LB’s sucesses and failures (he’s had a few) and The Well. A conversation of public intellect. Dr. LB says we are lacking that now. Batelle challenges him by saying ‘what about the blogosphere’ Dr. LB says no. Linear conversation, not really intellectual. Mary Meeker, slides available *phew* she’s awesome. Wow, is this presentation crazy different from last year! /techresearch

I’m going to post this right now, so it doesn’t get lost. Plenty more to come!