Dear Team,

I wish you could only go to college once you’d put in several years at a really, really crummy job. I guest lectured today at the local college and I saw myself (ten years ago) reflected in the students’ faces. When I was in school, I a) thought I knew everything b) couldn’t imagine how soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly could would help my future c) really didn’t care as I was focused on what I was going to wear out that weekend. 

I get it now. I’d like a do-over. I’ll be that crazy, mature-student that sits in the front of the class and asks questions after every lecture. I see the value in it. 

Youth is wasted on the young.



ps I learn too! I got my first Posterous hack to work – now my about me is a separate page, with a picture! Everything is always better with a picture. See?