Whoa! My phone died last night, so not too many updates from the evening.

First thing – the food guy. Author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma. Of course! Everything he said was interesting in that common sense way that you are like, “uhhh…yeah, that’s exactly right!”

Cheap food isn’t cheap (to the environment, to make it) cheap calories equals expensive health care. Next up was more cloud computing! Two CTOs first describe what the role of CTO means. Politics and the web – A Huff and the mayor of SF on the same couch is a lot of sexy voice on one couch. The web is to 2008 as tv was to 1960.

What is the truth and being transparent about it. Not what right, what left? Obama embodies the new Centre. Newsom: politicians aren’t there yet, they don’t see the correlation between the web and their campaign. Every single thing you say is all exposed. He has to watch himself sing I Left my Heart in SF and it won’t go away. He says politicians are wary. New moment. The period between fake and authentic: the first time someone falls asleep in the senate, big deal, 2nd time, it won’t be, etc.

There are new rules. There is no off the record now. Mayor says is is more authentic or less authentic because you are always on? I think the mayor is saying get over it, he is always ‘on’ now and Joe is saying, over time, it’ll be acceptable to ‘have a bad day’ etc. It’ll be you, foibles and all. GN – encumbent upon us to reconcile the 100,000s of people just a few blocks from us, that have no idea what we are talking about. Too poor for internet, etc. JT – using online to connect with offline. I.e. Find your talkers online for broader outreach. Nigeria campaign – you hold the torch of democracy in your hand. Use it. (6million cell phones)

Elected as an independant with democratic backing. More powerful with this email list than anyone else. a means to an end. Meaningless construct if you don’t deliver. Obama has the opportunity to change, he just has to follow through with it now. Get it done.

Ok, AHuff has perfect everything, I aspire to have her nails, hair, etc. I could listen to these guys all afternoon. Seriously. Also: this was by far the best panel. Very cool.

Tesla motors. Uh, sweet, cool awesome! Its a hundred grand. Elan says the point to get to mass market electric cars – this is something expensive, making technology work, then optimizing. Talk about layoffs, raising money, delays difficulty in starting a new car company. Car industry still running like it is 1955 – too many country club memberships, etc. Elan – I’m a volunteer at this point. There is nothing that I can’t buy and I don’t really like yachts, or stuff like that. My interest is purely the environment. He is happy with GM’s initiative, etc. When he was in college, he tried to answer what are the three things that can change the face of humanity? The internet, sustainable energy, space exploration. JB asks again, how much of this is ego? Says he started with the internet, and just kept going. 1st co: hopefully I can make enough money to buy food. He is smart.

The web as a platform: the guys on this panel are super geeky-adorable! What is so awesome about your platform that ppl wil need to join the revolution? Good question and a good way to look at any biz, really. Google, myspace, facebook and microsoft. The web is open, and free and great, but you guys are all building something that is inside your site. ‘Engineers like to launch something’ Dude from Facebook. I like this quote. Totally true.

Myspace would like to see apps with long term value. Fb would like to see enterprise apps and health. Whoa! Very interesting talks this morning. Shell and I are going to grab some lunch!