“We’re going to Panama!” 

…every time I told people this, there was a long pause and a confused look in reply. I guess Panama isn’t a typical honeymoon destination. Now that I’m back, I want everyone to go to Panama and experience it, we had so much fun! Here are 5 things that really stood out for me:

5. Panama City looks like Miami, only every building cycles through a rainbow selection of lights to light up their buildings in the evening. The Old City looks like a movie set, full of Spanish Colonial architecture, restaurants and great places for a glass of wine on every corner.

4. Panama is a great place to visit if you want to see sloths, poisonous mini-frogs and upside down jelly fish. Panama is also a great place to experience fruit you’ve never tried before, including raw cacao (who knew that the fruit-y part actually tastes kind of like Sweet Tarts and looks like slime?) and custard apples (they look like brown spikey things on the outside and taste like/look like apple flavored custard on the inside CRAZY!). 

3. If you go to Panama in June, the weather will be amazing (minus an hour or so of rain every day) and everything will be empty. Honestly, at one place, we had an entire resort to ourselves with one other couple (with a young daughter named Jenny that kept everyone entertained). Have you ever been to an entirely empty resort? It was pretty cool, you can run from pool to pool, without really caring about how you look in your bikini. Also, we were lucky enough to be at Tranquilo Bay for a few days (you have to, need to, must go to Tranquilo Bay), with only one other couple as well. We felt totally spoiled. 

2. Panama Hats are actually from Equador. Totally lame. Everyone in Panama uses Blackberrys. Yes, Blackberrys. Totally lame. 

1. Air Panama serves Funyuns. So yeah, best airline ever.

…and sorry, we didn’t take any pictures. Mostly because I’m a forgetful photographer but also because it was our honeymoon, hey-oh!