Three customer service ideas that need to die:

The customer is always right. Often, the customer doesn’t know what they want, or what will work best for them. Listen to what they are saying, then use your expertise to work on the best solution possible. Explain to the customer what would work best for them and why it would work best. Use your knowledge and power to educate, not patronize people and create champions along the way.

Really, this should be, “The customer deserves to be heard.”


Follow the script. Is there anything worse than having a telephone call come to a natural end, then the customer service representative awkwardly asks “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” Yes, when they realize they haven’t tried to upsell you on anything and they offer to sign you up for another paid feature you aren’t interested in. I get it, I worked as a customer service rep (for more years than I’d like to remember). CSRs have scripts they have to follow, then get in trouble for not following them. Instead of teaching people scripts, teach them empathy and empower them to make wise decisions. See how loyal your customers become.

Good customer service representatives follow the script, great ones follow the conversation. 


Listen to your loudest customers. Those who make the loudest noise are outliers and not necessarily representative of what most people are looking for. While it is tempting to jump whenever your biggest critic is complaining, make sure you are moving in the direction that most customers want. This is the same for both your biggest critic and your biggest fan, neither are typical customers. If you want to know what people really like, look at what they pay for (or even a/b test what people would pay for by seeing what they click on).

Listen to what the data tells you.