The petaflop barrier: One thousand trillion calculations per second! 

NOTE: These are just my random Berry thoughts typed out, message me if you have any questions, kiddies. Solving the right problem with the wrong time frame.

Buidling the network, not the device. Their compnay is the opposite of Tesla Motors. Who gets through this down turn? The real question is who comes up with a new biz model for the car industry.

Denmark 180% tax on gas cars – if you have an electric car for 20000 $ you should pay 60000$ for the gasoline version. Crazy!

Light notes this afternoon – Al Gore – the average age of systems engineers that stood and cheered Niel Armstrong landing on the moon 8 years after JFK said we’d have someone on the moon in ten years, was 26. That means they were 18 when JFK made the prediction. TO’R said that sent a chill down his back. God! He is a good speaker, his answers to all questions seem like he’s thought them out beforehand and it is totally on the fly. Q: if you had only a hundred billion dollars, what would you prioritize? A: I don’t know how else to say it, it can’t be done like that. We need more than that.

Oh, highlights from last night: DJ AM is totally worth any cash you’d pay to hear him. Music was awesome, no wonder he slays hot chicks. Conference is over, I’m off to have some SF fun!