Dear Team,

I’ve officially launched The Boys Club today (prior to now, you couldn’t actually, BUY tickets on the site, so I don’t think it counts).

I’m a slight bundle of nerves. What if I’ve made a horrible spelling mistake that turns a random word into a racial slur? What if I’ve messed up my paypal account and all ticket sales go to charity? These are things one can never recover from. Although, they would make good fodder for my as-yet-unwritten book. Somewhere inbetween the chapters, “How come you can’t settle down and make your mother happy” and “Yes, 30 is too old to learn how to skateboard, you’ll probably break a hip”

Ugh…being a grown up is so grown up. I will now go and make dinner by buying it from the store. Solely to prove that I’m not THAT grown up yet.