Where in the world is Sarah Blue? Yeah, usually in airports, if this week is any indication. Phoenix, Chicago, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Calgary, Toronto, Columbus this week. I’m over the Foursquare Jet Setter badge and am wondering if there’s a might-be-homeless-and-just-lives-in-airports badge. Let me know if this already exists. Here’s what’s the haps over the past week (it’s a little airport focused):

5. I am clearly a sucker for punishment. I know United is horrible and yet, I keep flying with them. Seriously, I no longer blame United, I blame me. I should know better.

4. $20 is too much to pay for a crappy burger. Especially when you don’t even eat the bun. Food should never be expensive and disgusting, yet airport food is always both. Airplane food? Fine, I’ll eat whatever, I still think it’s a miracle we’ve figured out how to fly, let alone being able to serve hot food up there. I do not feel this way about airports. There’s a huge opportunity there for delicious food. Someone needs to make this happen. The tired and hungry masses will thank you.

3. The only language I type in is Internet speak.

2. I worry that I shove so much into my carry-on suitcase that one day I will be rolling it through the airport and it will pop open like a jack-in-the-box. I have visions of my undergarments all over the airport. I always chuckle a little when I get the “can we look through your suitcase” at security. It’s a skill-test. If you cannot zip this suitcase back up, you are not smart enough to be working security.

1. Italian family weddings are good for the self-esteem. Everyone is happy, everyone tells you how pretty you are and everyone wants to feed you. Does life get any better? No. The second part of this is that there is nothing more important than family. Now, I might be lucky because I come from a really big family with people doing all kinds of amazing things. However, if you don’t think family is important, I really think you’re doing it wrong.