Dear Team,
First, the bnetTV crew is rollin’ in a serious serious van. I’m
talking captian’s chairs and thicker carpet than I’ve ever seen.

 We arrived at the Las Vegas convention centre bright and early and
have been busy all day.

 First up, a great Q+A with Greg Clayman, from MTV. He talked mostly
about mobile is changing the way they deliver content – instead of
being static, it is more interactive, like Comedy Central captioning,
where people caption photos then others voting on the captions. He
also mentioned how confusing the landscape of mobile is, there is no
winner yet so now is the time to experiment.

 Then a panel with serveral big players in the mobile advertising
space. Transpera, youTube, admob, Pandora and GMR marketing. Great
conversation mostly around how effective mobile advertising works and
how little people are taking advantage of it. Some of the highlights
were Frank Barbieri talking about Trent reznor’s campaign, solving
global puzzles, etc – really making the fans feel connected to the
brand. Frank and Cheryl, from Pandora really drove home the message
that now is the time, there is such a huge opportunity while mobile
advertising is so uncluttered. It was a really interesting panel.

 We interviewed a few people, including a guy from Fun Little Movies.
He was fun, but fairly tall – not so little.

  Cheryl Lucanegro from Pandora (self-proclaimed ‘oldest’ person at the
company) was an absolute delight! She really knows her product – she
gave us an awesome demo on her iPhone. Main two points – you can
target advertising on mobile phones way more than the internet and you
have a captive audience there – click-throughs are way higher.

 We had a quick interview with Rob Thomas, who has really embraced
twiiter, etc as a way of connecting with his fans. Check his new
single, “Cradle Song,” yo.

 Next up, I got to go in an electric drag racing car from SSI racing.
The guys that built it were great to hang with and it was crazy fun to
be in amazing car like that, I want one!

 Showstoppers was in the evening and we interviewed a bunch of
intereesting companies. I loved chatting with Vitality – inventor of
things like an umbrella with a handle that glows. They have a new pill
cap that interacts wirelessly with your computer to remind you to take
your pills, and set up refills. Slacker and RocketVox were also super

 Day Two looks to be exciting, I’ll write down all the highlights!
Blue x