Dear team,
CTIA is eff-bomb huge. This is fantastic, and I love checking it all
out, but you know I’ve walked all over the Las Vegas convention centre
– several times!

 When at a mobile conference, as opposed to a web-two-oh one, it is ONE
HUNDRED PERCENT acceptable to walk around with the ol’ jawbone on. In
fact, from where I am now, it seems to be encouraged.

 BnetTV got some great interviews today, I was lucky enough to chat
with a number of founders that are really innovating and changing the
way we use wireless. Most of the focus today was really about
practical applications with wireless – the convergence of wireless and
health, security and of course, advertising.

 It was a long day and it appears to be only just starting. I’m lucky
enough to be the official ‘bag watcher’ at Pepcom, meaning I’m getting
a quiet moment. From here, its on to check out fierce wireless and the
skype party, which promises to be awesome.

 Looking forward to another packed day tomorrow!
Blue x