Dear Team,

The good times are over and I’m back home. WIsh I could have hit up W2E and CTIA, very curious to read up on what went down in San Francisco, but for now, the last of my thoughts on CTIA.

People were in agreement that attendance was way down at CTIA Vegas this year, but this gave people the opportunity to spend upwards of twenty minutes with companies that they would have previously only been able to exchange cards with. The word is that deals were getting done all over the place. Less people, more value. I like it. The other loudly discussed feeling was that for companies, the Green Initiative isn’t reason enough to do something. Companies are looking to save money on efficiencies and from this, there are side-benefits that are green/environmentally friendly, but no one is very concerned at the moment with Mother Earth 🙂

Got some great interviews and I’ll try and post some of the more interesting ones on here as they become available. I very much enjoyed speaking with Harald Braun from Harris Stratex, ignore the hair RIGHT IN MY FACE and instead listen to what he thinks the four growth pillars of mobile are.

Personal thoughts about Vegas: Everything happens indoors. It is such an interesting mix of everything that isn’t me! Also: it is just as dry in Vegas as it is in my home town of Calgary. I didn’t know that was possible.