Would anyone be interested in a GirlGeekLunch at noon on Wednesday Aug. 4th?

I’ve been wanting to get GirlGeekDinners going for quite a while now, without much success. Too much travel!

However, I will be in town the first week of August and thought it would be a great opportunity to connect with some of the great women we have in the #yyc community. 

We can make it pretty casual – just come and eat. Together. Preferably on a patio. If anyone is interested in taking on organizing GirlGeekDinners, I’d give them some more information. I’m also happy to talk about anything else, whether it’s something you’re excited about, or something you need help with.

Let me know 1) if you’d be interested, 2) how we can squeeze the most into a lunch hour so it’s valuable to you and 3) where you think we should eat.