Who even blogs anymore? I don’t even know. But I’ve been thinking about some things lately, so I decided to write them down.┬áThe time has arrived for me to decide if I want to become an American Citizen. It isn’t a decision I’m taking lightly and I’m wondering what factors other people took into consideration before making their decisions.

As I’m thinking about becoming a citizen and claiming this country as my own, I’ve been thinking about where I live. Three things come up as important to me and I would like to get more involved in making one or more of them happen. They are:

ONE: Public education should be something we value as something that advances the human race. It should be a free, safe place for all children under 18.

TWO: Medical insurance should insure the ill and the injured. It should not be a for-profit industry, that seems backwards and terrible.

THREE: There are many, many ways to give people a leg up that don’t involve giving them a handout. Leveling the playing field could be as simple as spending a few hours with new mothers that don’t have a support network, or being a role model for troubled youth. Both of these small ideas contribute to a stronger, smarter, healthier workforce, so why don’t we value them?

This is the best resource I’ve found for diving deeper into some of these issues: http://www.impact.upenn.edu/

Do you guys think about these things too? Are the other issues that you see as more important? i’m interested. Tell me more.