Is cusp even the right word? 

I've always found Calgary to be a city of apathy when it comes to anything other than oil, beer and "bonus rooms" (don't even ask…). Something is in the air though. You can almost taste it. There are all these pockets of people, wanting to affect change. Not just talking about it, but starting to do really cool things.

Hopefully, they won't give up. This is a young city – and while there are plenty of DBs in town, I think there's just as many who are interested in leaving a mark, whether it is through art, culture, or technology. I want my home to be a centre for innovation. I want to be proud of where I live. 

I think these next few years could be the tipping point. Now, we all just need to figure out how to do our part so it tips in the direction we want it to. I'm not quite sure how to do that, but I'm working on it.