Dear team,

I’ve been making lists to cross things off. WHAT? Don’t look at me and my 5 million lists like that. I like to keep track of stuff. And prioritize it. And then make it into a new list. It is easy and makes me feel like I’m getting stuff done. However, looking back at all the lists, it seems the daily tasks get finished and the big picture, future looking goals get tossed aside.

While I’m definitely getting things done, it seems as though I’m not moving towards the direction I want to be going, even though I clearly know where I want to be going and what is important to me.

Last year, I wrote out my 2009 New Year’s resolutions. It seemed incredibly silly at the time, but it blows my mind to read it now, remember what I was going through then and think about how much I’ve grown. Interestingly, I wrote about what I love, what I love to do and how I want to be doing it, but not in an actionable format, more of a “wouldn’t it be great if…” kind of way. Well fuck that, I don’t see very much similarity between what I love and me right now, even though I’ve had a year to work on bringing my life closer to my passions. So even if it’s lame, I’m writing it out.

5. I love to help, connect and organize people. As soon as you say hello to me, I’m thinking about who else I would invite over for dinner if I knew you were coming ’round. I can’t help it. I like smart people and the interesting discussions that come from being around them. Either when they are with their peers, or with people who have backgrounds that are completely different.

4. I’m a music addict. Sourcing rad music is probably one of my top 3 skills. I haven’t figured out if this could ever be a paying gig (I doubt it), but I’m happy to just have it be a big part of my life. Every moment has a soundtrack and I want to ensure that I’ve got the time to enjoy it and share it with others.

3. I am enamored with mobile/tech/web. This is 50% shiny gadgets, 50% my love of connecting with people. Show me a new phone and I will want to touch it, figure it out and integrate it into my daily routine. Show me a new use for current technology and I’ll want to tell all of my friends. Show me something that is completely innovative and you’ll have my heart forever.

2. I am an idea pump. If you tell me what you want to do, I will give you three options to do it right away. Give me a few days and I’ll have a laundry list of possibilities. I like to think about people and what makes them tick. Then think of ways to tap into that. There’s nothing quite as cool as putting a smile on someone’s face (well, putting a smile on someone’s face, plus getting them to open their wallets might be the coolest thing – hey, a girl’s gotta eat).

1. I like to write. I’m not about to write a novel, nor is any of my writing hanging out in the deep end of the pool. I write like I talk and when I talk, sometimes I ramble 🙂 However, more often than not, I find it is the best way for me to communicate. I get nervous and I’m kind of shy when it comes to talking about me. It is so easy to share stuff with people by writing it down.

So there they are. My five things I’m passionate about. If you catch me doing things that aren’t on this list, call me out on it. I’ll need a little help from my friends on this.