Well, I’d love to say that you should download everything I listened to this past month, but I can’t in good conscious let anyone else buy Love & Fist. It was terrible. If you’re like me and just want the quick and dirty, surefire hits to add into your heavy rotation list, you’ll appreciate my top 5 songs to come out of #monm. Listen and enjoy, I promise zero disappointment.


5. Junip – In Every Direction

I really, really want to hear these guys at a summer music festival. Listen, you will too.

Buy this track: http://cpwr.me/fIELuW 


4. Maximum Balloon – Tiger

If you sing a song with the line, “Let your tiger out” in it, you can guarantee that I’ll put it on a top 5 list. I think that’s a given.

Buy this track: http://cpwr.me/h4Yvl2


3. Gold Panda – You

It reminds me of a toned down Jib Kidder track. I feel like I should be in a car commercial while listening to it.

Buy this track: http://cpwr.me/ezcYE


2. Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Bon Iver and Nicki Minaj – Monster

This is a serious, serious track. Note: I’ve just seen a picture of Nicki Minaj. That is a serious, serious ass.

Buy this track: http://cpwr.me/ehB3bh


1. Shugo Tokumaru – Green Rain

I’m a sucker for a good accordion. Who isn’t really?

Buy this track: http://cpwr.me/hIPrnd


Bonus track: Daft Punk – The Game has Changed, Tron Soundtrack.

How could I not include this? It’s definitely a soundtrack, but it’s exciting. The count down to Dec 17 is on!

Buy the soundtrack: http://cpwr.me/eZDODt