I sat in the Calgary airport on Saturday for seven hours Awesome. I think sometimes when we fly often, we forget how crummy things can be when they go wrong. I’m here to tell you, it can be really crummy. As i sat down in my original seat, I may have mentioned that I was stuck in between a fat guy and a dog and that the universe would need to make that up to me. Lesson learned: Don’t tell the Universe what to do because it will throw it in your face.

5. I can’t imagine why anyone would work for an airline, especially the customer facing part. People. Are. Rude. I don’t know why people think that yelling at the ticket agent is going to get them anywhere, but I find it completely inappropriate. Where are your manners?! Manners aside, why would anyone yell at the only person that can help them?

4. Time spent in airports/travelling is time spent not being awesome.

3. I am a professional worrier. I can worry about anything, for an incredibly long period of time. I recognize that worrying gets me nowhere. I’m trying to stop. Instead of worrying, I just get up and do something. I don’t plan, I don’t make a list, I just do. So far, this means I’m productive in strange ways. I kind of hope this keeps up. You might all get hand-knit scarves for Christmas.

2. I am not a good reader of fiction. Nor am I a good watcher of tv shows. I read a good deal when I was younger. Now, I crave that feeling of not being able to put a book down as I have no idea what will happen. Instead, I find I can usually skip large chunks because I know exactly how it will go. I hate that. If you have an amazing page-turner that you think will keep me up all night, please let me know. I’ve never really watched tv. I don’t know why. I feel like I should be really good at it, but I always either can’t sit still or fall asleep. There’s no happy medium.

1. I miss making Top 5 lists and song lyrics o’ the day. Refer to #3. Expect more Top 5 lists and song lyrics o’ the day.