I’m headed back to Calgary in two days! While July has been awesome, I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my friends and spending a little quality time with my mom. Ohio, you’ve been good to me…and here’s what I’ve noticed over the past week:

5. Hugging. So. Much. Hugging. I am slowly coming to terms with this. Americans like to hug. I’m not a hugger. I like to save my hugs for people I really like. At first, hugging of people I’d just met, or had only interacted with on a few occasions made me quite uncomfortable. My current policy is to just awkwardly ask, “Is this a hugging moment?” because the surprise hug is the worst. That’s how you accidentally end up kissing someone on the lips instead of cheek-to-cheek.

4. I have eaten ribs from a stand. The Jazz and Ribs Festival hits Columbus for one weekend at the end of July. Rib aficionados from all over bring their medals, trophies and sauce mops (they have mini mops that they use for smothering the ribs in sauce while they cook). IT IS A VERY INTERESTING CROWD. Truly, it was a good experience, although I can’t help but wonder how anyone gets into the rib competition circuit. It seems like a tough way to spend your summer. Highlight: the girl in short-shorts that took our order was stumped at having to add the price of 2 of the same meals together. They were whole numbers.

3. Canada is light years ahead on granola bars.

2. America only uses the Imperial system. I can respect that, because my people waver back and forth. Kilometres for distance, inches for height…stop sitting on the fence Canada! I feel it should be noted though that when America dumped all that tea out in the Boston harbor, they should have gone metric. It should also be noted that I can’t figure out how to order deli meat in pounds. It makes no sense.

1. I have entered the creepy subterranean storage space! Yes, it’s true. I’m not a fan of the dark. It’s not the dark so much as the possibility of the paranormal. I’m pretty tough about things until I think a ghost with bad hair is going to crawl out of my television. Anyway, I had to put the bikes in the storage space before going back to Calgary and I figured broad daylight was the best time to do it. I made it out alive, but I can see why people think spaces like that are totally legit to hide dead bodies. No one has been in there for years. Gross!

How many times does the word “hug” appear in this post? Answer correctly and you’ll get a free hug!