5. Let’s cut to the chase. Three weeks in and I’ve finally made it to a state-run liquor store. Hello, gin. My first trip involved a mild cash-only crisis, but DC stepped in and valiantly offered up a Hamilton to ensure gin-fueled productivity this weekend. He’s a baller, there’s no doubt.


4. Have a mentioned I’m a bit of a loner? My mother worries about me not knowing anyone here. “Are you lonely?” she says when she calls. I almost feel guilty when I tell her I love working by myself all day.


3. I have an uncomfortable obsession with finger toes. Toes that can act like fingers. Mine cant. My second and third toe are stuck together like glue and I have deformed baby toes (I presume because I was born with extra toes). I want my toes to be able to do great things, to achieve great heights. I’m working on a work out regime.  


2. Columbus is the birthplace of the junior bacon cheeseburger.


1. Doctors work long hours. If you thought different, I’m here to set you straight. They start work at 5:30am. Which is mother truckin’ early. However, I’m pretty sure if things get desperate and I need to write a book titled, “How to land your very own Doctor” I’ve got some ideas. They mostly revolve around standing around the hospital at 5:20am with fresh coffee and homemade muffins. Key to the heart ladies, key to the heart.


The rest is as you’d expect. I’ve booked a ridiculous number of flights this week and hope to see you all when I hit your town. Huggles.