If you’re anything like me, when you think of Phoenix, you think of old people. Fair enough, my parents like visiting here as well. However, I’m here to dispel that myth and tell you that from what I can tell, Phoenix is pretty gosh darn lovely. Full stop. 

5. Phoenix is a hot minx in cougar’s clothing. I think the people that live here want everyone else to think it’s only old people and plastic blonds to discourage everyone else from also living here (scary Arizona immigration laws aside). Truth is, I haven’t seen much of either. Maybe it’s the area we are staying, but most people here seem to be well adjusted, young business professionals. 

4. There are so many great little restaurants, coffee shops and lounges here. The supply of coffee shop offices is seemingly endless and all of them come with a unique flavour. Most of these places have outdoor patios, which is great because while Phoenix is hot, IT’S A DRY HEAT so it’s totally bearable. If you are used to the frigid temperatures of Canada, most patios here have misters. Great for cooling off, bad for curly hair. It’s basically one giant frizz-o-fyer. I recommend a good anti-humectant. 

3. I may need to start dressing like a grown up. 

2. Everyone here is happy. For real. People say hello to each other and generally walk around with smiles on their faces. In discussing this at lunch, Brandon Franklin* said that it’s hard to be glum when the sun is shining. I believe it. If you want moody angst, go somewhere it rains all the time. This place is not for you.  Speaking of sun, it’s practically impossible to not be athletic here. How can you not want to get out and do stuff when the sky is so blue? it’s pretty inspiring. If I start walking around spouting hippy-I-love-the-planet bull, someone slap me. 

1. I am a master of public transportation. Ok, this is a slight exaggeration. Google Latitude is a master of public transportation and I am a master of Google Latitude. However, I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to get all over without too much trouble. Of course, when you don’t need to be anywhere at a scheduled time, public transportation is a lot less annoying. Whatever. I’m doing it. I’m getting from one place to another. Very economically. Probably pretty environmentally friendly too. Mother Nature, you’re welcome. 


*note: I met Sean Tierney and Brandon Franklin, two old school Cambrian House community members, for lunch the other day. I now hold the honour of being the online friend that Brandon knew for the longest time before meeting in person.