Well, this wraps up my tour de Phoenix (that’s French for tour of Phoenix). I’m off bright and early tomorrow to go to my cousins wedding! I’m the co-emcee with my brother. I hope there’s plenty of opportunity for stories, because I’ve been banking adorable stories on her for years. Anyway, this week

5. I really looking forward to cooking at home again. Living in a tiny hotel room for a month wasn’t bad, but limiting as far as cooking food is concerned. Million dollar idea: A restaurant that works more like my mom’s kitchen. So you could go in and just be like, “Hey, I really just feel like a bowl of cereal for dinner tonight.” Do these exist? I’d be all over that.

4. Not understanding Fahrenheit means not really knowing what the weather is outside. Really, I have no idea. My new version of knowing the weather is “it’s hot” “it’s really hot” and “it’s hot but a little windy, so not bad” Temperatures are so last year.

3. Every once and a while, we all need to be a little sappy. For me, that’s right now. Ingredients for a perfect day: sleep in, phenomenal espresso, a drive through the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, a splash down some natural (for real!) waterslides at Slide Rock National Park, some shopping in Flagstaff, fish tacos, earl grey truffles and a black jelly bean for dinner. Yep, I’ll remember that one for a while.

2. It is amazing how quickly you can get drunk if you haven’t really been drinking for a while.

1. Phoenix is apparently a test market for the Trenta. That’s 30 ounces of some type of coffee from Starbucks. I’m guessing it needs to be about 8 shots of espresso in one drink. I have one question for Starbucks: Why?