While @louderthan10 seems to disagree with my feelings of Phoenix-is-so-rad, I continue to find this place…rad. I’ve been here before and felt the same way he did. Last time, I spent a considerable amount of time in Scottsdale, this time? I haven’t even been close. I now fully equate Scottsdale with plastic – people, money, lawns…someone let me know if I’m wrong. Anyway, here’s what’s up this week:


5. There are almost no surprises with the weather here in Phoenix. I’ve almost accepted that I don’t need to tote a cardy around with me all the time. I say almost because I still carry a cardy as the grocery stores here are so over-air conditioned, you basically need a parka if you are inside for more than two minutes. Also, I experienced my first dust storm! It was mostly underwhelming, but the change in pressure was so drastic that I was sitting inside and the bottle of water I had on the counter collapsed. Crazy!

4. When the sun goes down, the crickets come out. They are everywhere! I’m confused how people go about their evenings so casually with all of the crickets around (I sit there with my legs sticking straight out so my feet don’t touch the ground). I don’t really know if they are even crickets, I’m not sure what else they could be. The first evening out here, I worried we’d encountered the first sign of the apocalypse. Apparently, I have the bug tolerance of a seven-year-old girl.


3. Americans love cheap food. Seriously, if you tell someone you are new in town, they will tell you all about where you can get incredibly underpriced food every night of the week. If you are a restaurant and aren’t serving up some type of $1 meal one evening a week, you are missing out one heck of a huge word-of-mouth opportunity.


2. Going up Camelback mountain, mid-August, midday is not a good idea for Canadians. I completely underestimated Camelback and took being-a-big-baby to an epic level. Dr Cuddles decided to do pushups every time I stopped to either have a mild freak out about the height (things look easy to fall off of when there’s no trees anywhere) or to complain about the heat. Two lessons learned: If I ever get lost in the desert, I will be vulture-dinner.  When you go up a mountain in the desert, there is no mountain lake to jump in at the top. (1. Dr Cuddles made me crop his nipple out of the photo, which I think is kind of a bummer. 2. This is the only photo where you can’t see the fear written all over my face.)13933616-camelback

1. If you are homeless in Phoenix and get too hot, consider riding the Metro Light Rail system all day. Everyone else is doing it, usually while drunk. I suppose it is a sad commentary on our times, but I can’t help but laugh at how entertaining the drunk crazies on the train are. They say some pretty awesome stuff.