5. How on earth it is possible for anyone to love Sex and the City.

4. Bananas. They don’t taste good. I am convinced that people only eat them because they come in their own packaging.

3. Why your mother will call to you from a different level of the house to fetch her something that is right beside her (is this really why people have children?).

2. Why girls blow dry their hair with no clothes on in the locker room. Don’t they get cold? They just got out of the shower! If it wasn’t frowned upon, I would spend this time wrapped in a fur coat.

1.  Men’s Health. Is it really about health? Is it really about Men? I came across these 40 Unwritten Rules to Live by and don’t even know where to begin. No wait, I totally do. How about the title — If they WERE unwritten rules, what are they now that you’ve written them down?*


*note: I originally didn’t understand #10, thinking, “hey, if it is going to be visible, I say go all-in” but then a co-worker explained to me the compare and contrast principle. I’m right there with ya on that one Men’s Health, good call.