I'm really proud of my friend Danielle (aka @fiercekitty) and her new project, Sex with Tech.

She's just put up a call for submissions, and you've got one month to follow through and get something to her. 
I've copied some of the guidelines below and I CAN'T WAIT to read your submission.
So make me proud and get on it. 

The Sex of Tech

Our personal relationships with technology have begun to mimic our intimate relationships with each other. We live in a world where we are more intimate with our mobile phones than with other humans. That intimacy has begun to stretch to new frontiers across the digital landscape. A collection of 25 short stories, The Sex of Tech looks to explore that by relishing in releasing the sexual side of technology.

This is a call for submissions – send us your best, hottest short story (no more than 5000 words) along with a three line bio, details below.

Submission Guidelines

– submissions must be between tech and human
– submissions can be from tech to human OR from human to tech
– submissions can involve more than one human but must always involve at least one piece of tech
– it would have to be a hot as hell story and a far far far stretch for me to insanely justify a vibrator as a piece of technology (the type i speak of) but i would do it
– the technology DOES NOT have to be invented yet
– present to future ONLY, the world does not have to real but the time setting must go forward not backwards