Dear team,

Ok, I tweeted enough about my love for Singapore, I’ll give it a rest. What I didn’t have much of a chance to talk about though, was the amazing people I chatted with during both the Mobile Marketing Forum and WiMax: Asia Congress. I came back feeling like I had the chance to connect with some true innovators. Definitely a great experience for someone like me who might sometimes feel a little jaded 🙂 

I’m lucky that my “several jobs” expose me to so much of the internet/mobile web. I see nothing but opportunity ahead!

That opportunity got me thinking with my crowdsourcing hat on – in the mobile space (what? I can’t help it!). I definitely want to think on/discuss topics like the four below with other people. 

1.      Mobile commerce – micro-payments from your phone. Not just crowdfunding style, but “hey, I’ll give you $5 to do task A” etc. or using 2D barcodes as a means to interact with your customers – A 2D barcode on a poster at a movie theater – snap a picture with your phone, sms your feedback, get a coupon, etc. Very cool companies like ColourZip SEA working on stuff like this

2.      Going into green fields – Africa etc. How do we crowdsource best practises? Do we need to? 

3.      Using crowdsourcing to Innovate on emerging technology hurdles you don’t think about. People talk about how India is this huge untapped market for mobile – but when Mobile Marketing through SMS and mobile web is just gaining traction, it won’t go anywhere in a market where most can’t read – how do you reach the illiterate?

4.      Crowdsourcing practical applications for new technology. Location based real-time information from your phone to ease everyday life – surveillance, health (monitoring patients, etc) Amber alerts with FemtoCells (lets you know when a phone/rfid chip is in the area), etc.