Guest post alert! This is a song and a top 5 list all in one, so I couldn’t resist posting it. Some fairly keen observations from someone who is currently supposed to be spending all day studying. 

My girl parties all the time…

An oldie but a goodie. I have several thoughts about this video

1. 1980’s Eddie loves the over-the-head hand-clap, and 1980’s Eddie could pull that shit off.

2. Why the hell are there so many guitars being played in this video when all I hear are synths and drum machines?

3. Was more time spent filming this video or doing enough blow to make this video seem like a good career move

4. Rick James kinda looked like a young Susan Sarandon


5. Further investigation into Eddie Murphy led me to, going over-and-above for sarcastic fauxcyclepedia entry with the following: “Eddie Murphy was married to Nicole Mitchell for 13 years, divorcing in April 2006. Very, very shortly after that, it was announced that Murphy’s girlfriend, former Spice Girl Melanie B., was pregnant with his child. Very, very shortly after that, Murphy publicly questioned his paternity. Very, very shortly after that, a DNA test confirmed what everyone knew all along: Eddie Murphy is the kind of dick who actually thinks he’s still cool enough to wear skin-tight leather suits. Also, the kid was his after all.”