And I want to lay in the passenger seat of a car
We could drive around all night
We wouldn’t have to go too far
Just look at the stars
This night could be ours

This night could be ours…love that line! I listened to this album on repeat for quite a while when it first came out. I was also obsessed with sparkles, so I can’t really tell you if that is in good taste or not. Esthero‘s quirkyness means I will always like what she puts out, but this album will remain my fave of hers for quite a while, I think.

Why am I suddenly thinking of Esthero? Well, I just found out that she co-wrote Kanye’s song Love Lockdown. Interesting, in my opinion. I have a strange fascination with Kanye’s blog. I love how he is always, “I’m so smart! I’m the greatest! I am le awesome!” but then complains he can’t find a decent woman to settle down with. Seriously dude? …because most of the population can figure out that overly attractive/can’t read models don’t make for the best life partners. Just my opinion. Best of luck to him though.