Competitive Aquascapes is apparently a thing. Instead of pondering how odd that is, I chose to be impressed with the results.


I really enjoyed reading how a company named after its “creative auteur” changed once he left. Rethinking Bruce Mau Designs Also, that photo of coworkers dressing the same after working together a while? I live for that.

Be Patient

Photograph by Mathieu Dupuis

Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise, blahblahblah – I’ll take sunset over sunrise, any day!. These photographs of “the Golden Hour” on the National Geographic website are so beautiful, reminding me that patiently watching the sunset is a pretty rewarding thing to do. I mean, especially if there is a cocktail involved. [you have to sign up for a free account to go through all the photos, but worth it for other NG stuff too]


Photo by Budget Bytes

Sriracha Meatballs from Budget Bytes. They are pretty tasty and really spicy. I should have taken a picture of this when I made it, but I ate it instead. I make quite a few recipes from this blog, so I recommend browsing through it. Mm….Dragon Bowls and Italian Wonder Pot…


Jeffrey Morganthaler, from Portland, has a pretty amazing blog about bartending, making delicious cocktails and other cool, drink related things. In one of his posts, he discusses using an address book to keep drink recipes organized. I think that is pretty brilliant.