I spent last week in the lovely town of Montauk, New York. It was a laid-back week of seafood, really delicious tacos and almost not doing anything at all (including no Thursday post on here). Pretty much heaven. I stayed at the quirky Montauk Manor and would recommend it to anyone (you can rent dvds at the front desk for free. Hello, Young Frankenstein!



How many reasons can I come up with to carry at least four of these in my purse at a time? I don’t know, but Moleskine makes pretty Shell Cases.

Continue to Obsess over Getting to Mars

Wired takes the time to explain why we can’t send humans to Mars yet. There’s quite a few challenges, which is fine by me. That gives me time to brush on my living-on-Mars skills. Currently, I don’t have any, so more time is probably a really, really good thing for me. What do you think the most valuable skills to have on Mars will be?


The Coolest Worst Way to Eat Lunch

Union League

Imagine eating a steak while looking at pictures of dead people. Apparently, this is what the Vidocq Society does most months right here in Philadelphia. While eating a nice meal over at the lovely Union League, they put their heads together and solve cold cases. I’m intrigued…but probably won’t be invited any time soon.


This comes from one of my favorite places to eat in Philadelphia, Zavino. They have a drink called the Firey Maid and you should try it at home.

Mix some Hendrick’s Gin, Mint, Cucumber, Lime and Jalapeño Pepper together and pour over crushed iced. Try different variations until you can call it your own. You might want to muddle the cucumber, mint and peppers, then add the gin and lime, shake it, then strain it. You might want to slice the cucumber and peppers, and let them soak in the gin for 30 minutes before rubbing the mint between your fingers and pouring everything into the glass.

There are no rules here, so experiment until you’ve found your favorite method.