Sorry, that’s a bad title, but read through all this good stuff and you will be thurrrrstay by the end.


“Despite it all — the broken glass, the tantrums, the bite marks, the feces Pollocked across his bedroom wall — I quite love my sweet, strange boy.” – Jeff Howe

Paying for a Special Needs Child, an article by the smart and amazingly talented Jeff Howe, detailing the costs associated with raising his son Finn. Also read the follow up article, Defending Finn’s Dad, written by Gary Dietz.


If you liked Drive, but thought, “Gee, I wish there was less driving and more violence in this movie,” I assume this movie is for you. Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling and Kristen Scott Thomas with some crazy, mob wife hair


Did you know that Kevin Bacon’s dad was kind of a big deal architect and urban planner in Philadelphia?  From 1949 to 1970, Edmund Bacon’s visions shaped today’s Philadelphia, the city in which he was born, to the extent that he is sometimes described as “The Father of Modern Philadelphia.” He also worked in Shanghai for a year after college, which greatly shaped his views on urban planning.


It’s not unusual to love The Unusual Times, the content created by the lovely folks behind Hendrick’s Gin. Watching this, don’t you want to go on an adventure through the jungle, looking for exotic botanicals to make delicious gin?


In honor of the video above, drink something with Quinetum, the quinine Cordial from Quaker City Mercantile and Hendricks Gin.

(if you can’t find it…and I can’t, try something like Tomr’s Handcrafted Tonic Syrup — different, but still an experience).