I am not very adventurous with my style. I like cardigans, I like scarves, I like them together…that’s about it. That doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at what other people are wearing or how beautiful I *could* be dressing if I spent a little more time thinking about it. Here are my favorite blogs to peruse:

5. The Sartorialist – You all read this, right? Every day? He posts the most beautiful (and inspiring!) photos every day. I think he is a great example of how media is changing. I never buy fashion magazines (I do still buy The Atlantic, Mental Floss and Wired though), but I visit this site religiously. Knowing that, I think there’s such a huge opportunity for unique advertising on this site. I normally only see American Apparel ads on it…

4. Garance Dore – The girlfriend of The Sartorialist. Her blog has more writing along with photos. Dore write her blog as if she is writing letters to her very best girlfriends (and that you are one of them). I believe she has someone translate each post into English, as she is very French! I’m a little sad to share this blog, as it feels like one of those things that should be kept a special secret. It’s too good for you to miss out on it though!

3. Sea of Shoes – I don’t visit this one all the time, but I’m so curious about it. I don’t understand. Why does this young girl have so many shoes? What does she do with them all? How does she afford them? If she lives in small-town Texas, where does she get all of her inspiration from? So many questions about Jane Aldridge, including a motherly-type lecture about how she should go to college. Lovely blog though. 

2. Polyvore – A crowdsourced fashion community. Have questions about what to wear? They can help. Have a trend you’d like to copy? They can help. Have a skirt you can’t figure out what to wear with it? They can help. It’s like an army of stylists right at your fingertips. Only they are all probably 12 and living in Eastern Europe. Whatever, it works. 

1. Go Fug Yourself – Painfully funny.