You know why you should never pen “I’m going to write about” blog posts? Because you’ll never end up finishing all the stuff you said you’d write about. You can pretty much take that statement to the bank. Anyway, I’m slowly trying to get through suggestions for top 5 lists and here’s the latest – 5 food and booze combinations that dazzle my senses. Ok, so wine and cheese pairings was what was actually suggested, but I’m taking creative liberties.

5. Guinness and dark chocolate – I have no idea why this works together, but it does. Instead of pairing port with dark chocolate, try sipping on some Guinness with a couple of morsels of the darkest chocolate you can find. You’ll want to get pleasantly plump and tipsy with this combination, try in moderation. 

4. Gin and raw fruit/vegetables – Fruit and veg pairs so well with gin, each bringing out different flavours. If you’re a fan of gin, you’ve no doubt tried some Hendricks with cucumber slices, but have you tried anything else? What about Bombay and raspberries, Tanqueray and blackberries, or Amsterdam and beets? I assure you, they are all tasty. For an extra party in your mouth, throw in some fresh herbs like mint, cilantro or basil. Gin infused blackberry lime mint granita? Oh it’s on. 

3. White wine and spicy shrimp tacos – The spice of the shrimp works well with a fruity tang of a sauvignon blanc. No matter what time of year you put these two together, you’ll swear it’s summa-summa-summatime. 

2. Scotch and sushi – Say what? I know, it’s hard to believe that the call of the Highlands might beckon for anything other than a cigar, but fortune favors the bold, my friends. Pour a wee dram and see how it works with wasabi. Try this pairing with something from Islay, or a tasty Japaneses Whiskey. 

1. Champagne and French Fries – There’s nothing a girl loves more than sipping on some bubbly, but it goes to your head so quickly! To ward off the champagne hangover, get some good solid greasy carbs in there. You’ll be surprised how well the two go together. The bubbles cleanse your palate of the grease and really, who doesn’t like fries? I like Veuve Clicquot, but this girl swills back the $10 Segura sparkling wine from Spain as well, lest you be thinking I roll fancier than I really do.