Oh go on, you know you love them too.

5. Spice Girls – Stop. It’s sad, really. they finally sort of figued out hair and makeup by this video, but broke up shortly after.

Grab on iTunes – http://cpwr.me/ddUgAX 

4. Salt ‘N’ Pepe feat En Vogue – Whatta Man. The crowning glory of the 90s

Grab on iTunes – http://cpwr.me/csCzy4 

3. TLC – Baby, Baby, Baby. Remember before TLC went sexy and they always had brightly coloured condoms stuck too their outfits?

Grab on iTunes – http://cpwr.me/bOH9dn 

2. SWV – Right Here. I heart this song. I’ve always thought of SWV as the girl version of BoysIIMen.

Grab on iTunes – http://cpwr.me/c4miH9

1. All Saints – I know where it’s at. Don’t believe that the tank top/sweat pants look was cool? Videographic proof…and they still look hot.

Grab on iTunes – http://cpwr.me/bB8CMf