I love making Top 5 lists in my head. I’ll blame it on my parents for forcing me to sit in the car for hours with nothing to do while I was growing up.  I can’t keep my desk straight, but I can tell you the Top 5 meals I’ve ever enjoyed, Top 5 cities I’d live in and the Top 5 songs I like to listen to on the treadmill when I want to quit, but think I can push myself that last Kilometer (that one is a bit long for a blog post title).

Trouble is, I’ve never been able to not-cheat on them. My Top 5 Songs of all Time list? It has an entire album on it in the number 2 slot.  Even my Top 5 exercises for abs really has 7, I cheat and put two together…twice. 

Now that my Top 5 lists are written down, what’s the etiquette? Part of the fun is being able to mentally re-organize them whenever I want.

Do I (Top 5 choices I’ve come up with):

  1. repost so I always know where my head was at that specific moment in time?
  2. post within the original post, but “archive” the original below?
  3. add to it in the comments?
  4. add to it in the comments and say which one I’d like to take off the list?
  5. add to it in the post (does this even make sense or would that make it look like I can’t count)?