I went to hear Handel’s Messiah on the weekend (at the delightful Ohio Theater, it’s a gem) and for some reason, it got me thinking about contemporary artists performing not-so-popular music. Here’s the top 5 I’ve thought of so far:

5. Fleet Foxes singing Christmas Choral Music. If anything I bet it would make you cry.

4. Compilation CD – bands, hip-hop artists and pop-culture icons covering any short, classical piece of music. Whether they sing it, play it, rap it, beatbox it or slay it, I’d just like to hear what different people do with classical music when given the opportunity.

3. Bon Iver interpreting the crooning hits of The Rat Pack

2. The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Willow Smith in The Sound of Music. Box office gold. 

1. The Black Eyed Peas rendition of Carmina Burana. I’m imagine singing, dancing and a whole pile of fun. Come on, you know you love the idea.