Nobody likes advice, but sometimes it is really good. Here are five noteworthy pieces of advice that I probably didn’t listen to or understand, but now refer to on an almost-daily basis:

5. Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems. Olivia Joules.

(no joke, I love that list…don’t make fun of me)

4. Nursing a broken heart with food will only make you fat – then no one will love you and you’ll be more alone than you are now.

(ok I don’t really read that advice as-is, it is more a reminder to not go for the band-aid solution)

3. It isn’t going to start hurting any less, so you may as well go faster. Dallas Cain.

(wise beyond his years)

2. If the only reason you are still fighting is to prove you are right, then you need to stop. My pappa!

(I didn’t understand this for a long time. I get it now)

1. Just commit to the turn and go. Remi Loyer

(a moment on some moguls, but I use this line at least once a day – best seven words anyone has ever said to me)