Every time I pile too much on my plate, my friends must endure a week or two of me saying, “Once this is done, I won’t commit to anything else, I’m becoming a hermit.” They’re used to it by now and if it garners a reaction, it’ll be a well timed *eye roll* at most. I don’t know if it’s healthy, but I do know that I can’t change it, no matter how many times I buy you a coffee and make you sit through a pretentious lecture about how only stupid people have a shot at being happy and how I also want to be blissfully unaware (apologies…you know I’ll do it again…to all of you). Here are the top reasons I can’t seem to say no when an idea for something new comes to me:

5. I get inspired. I read stuff. I hear things. Then I realize that the things that inspire me aren’t happening where I am. So I want to change it. I blame Google for making it so easy for me to see what cool things are happening in the rest of the world.

4. I meet a lot people. You know how sometimes, you go to a conference and meet someone who reminds you why you do 27 things at a time and love them all? Yeah, me too.

3. I cannot stop doing. “Less talk, more action” has never been a problem for me. Although I talk a lot (hey, I get paid to talk), if something needs to happen, I am 100% cool with rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business…and I see a lot of things that need to happen. Accountability is probably my most employable skill (which is good, because the employable ones are few and far between).

2. I spent a year in constant existential crisis mode. I am still not quite sure I know who I am, or what my purpose in life is. As such, I keep trying. I know there are several things that I like (who’s kidding who, there’s a top 5 of things that I like) and I keep trying them on. Keeping multiple pots going on the stove is a way for me to keep working on who I am – the only alternative is to sit around, paralyzed by fear.

1. My parents never told me I couldn’t. Ah, that GD paradox of choice. My parents told me I could do anything I wanted when I grew up, and I believed them. However, I’m such a Spoiled Little Brat (SLB, as my bro calls me), I can’t pick just one thing and want to do it all. Color me Veruca and buy me a pony.