Ok, I can’t grow a mo, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be super pumped about Movember! As the captain for MovemberYYC, I’m really hoping I can get as many of you to join my team as possible. This means dudes need to sign up and grow a mo, the ladies need to sign up and support the mo growing dudes. You can grow your mo to raise money for the cause, or just grow your mo to raise awareness – both are reasonable grounds to bust out the soup strainer/walrus/cookie duster.

5. The mo is way cooler than a neck beard. When you are kickin’ it with a glorious ‘stache, remember that you need to tell people that you are emulating the likes of Tom Selleck, Lanny McDondald and Eddie Murphy circa RAW for a reason. If you were growing a neck beard, you wouldn’t get the chance to remind people, as they would be avoiding you.

4.  A feeling of camaraderie. You know when you’re out riding your bike and you give the nod/wave to everyone else riding their bike? Same goes with the mo, bro! When you see someone else with a mo, you can go ahead and give them the nod (or a subtle raise of your scotch glass). If you’re a mo sista, you can go ahead and let the unknown-to-you mo bro know that you salute him. Instant conversation starter, lifelong friends…

3. This is a nation wide challenge. We want to put Calgary on the map for being just as involved as other cities. Toronto has already compared mo growing to saving puppies. Since no one wants to hurt puppies, Calgary has a lot of work to do to catch up! Also, we need to embrace more than just the ironic mustache. The ironic mustache is dead. Manly mustaches are the way to go.

2. In my opinion, growing a mo is about getting dudes comfortable with that which is not-always-comfortable. Prostate cancer isn’t cool (dude, if there’s blood in your pee, go to the doctor*), but neither is depression, skin cancer or the multitude of other illnesses that guys generally don’t like to talk about. Ignoring it won’t make it go away, so learn how to talk about it, just like you’ll be learning how to rock a great mo this November.

1. I’m not really sure who Malin Akerman is, but she’s pretty hot and she made this video:

*first time I’ve ever written something like that on here…