Nobody likes a grumpy pants, so here are what I love most about reading updates from other people. These little gems can come from the most unexpected of places and that’s what I enjoy most about reading Twitter at odd hours, or clicking links in blog post I’ve already finished reading. Here are the updates that make suffering through all of the bad ones worth it:

5. The wisdom. Here’s the winning formula for this: Adjective, noun, description of noun, link. For example: Smart blog post on penning updates:

4. The share. I appreciate this mostly for music, but this extends to sharing whatever-it-is-you’re-really-into. The Internet was built for the rapid exchange of information and this is why people still use it. If you love food, instead of saying what you ate for dinner, link to the recipe, tell us how difficult it was to make, what you’d do next time and if it was worth it.

3. The rapier wit. No matter how you slice it, social media is a form of entertainment ( a time waster, some might say…). Therefore, I encourage you to be entertaining. Dazzle me with you wit, regale me with humorous stories and impress me with intellect.

3. The sharp-shooter. Hey, if you can’t figure out what I like by reading my blog/Tweets/Facebook account for five seconds, I don’t think you should be in sales. However, if you do figure out what I like and tell me about something I am for-real interested in, I won’t recoil in horror. In fact, I’ll probably read it/buy it/love it.  

1. The tipsy tweet. I don’t think you can really know someone by their online persona. Most are carefully crafted. While I can’t recommend having too many drinks and then hopping online (Au secours! Au secours!), the “I’m having fun at this fun event, you should get over here” tweet has always been my favorite.