I think we have all experienced some of these:

5. Unwelcome interpretations of the classics. If I order a classic comfort meal, you can pretty much assume I want comfort food, not your whacky fusion inspired interpretation of it. The only exception to this rule is if you add bacon to it. Bacon always works.

4. No gluten-free or vegetarian options. Ok, only the first one really bugs me. I know if everything is cooked in the same kitchen, you can’t say it’s certified gluten-free, but I’ll take that chance, I just need one or two items that don’t include wheat.

3. Sad Salads. There are very few people that wouldn’t rather be having a delcious juicy burger with fries. Why make things worse by making all of your salads a sad state of affairs? Wilted lettuce, boring toppings…it seems like you just don’t care.

2. Hot sauce that doesn’t match the ethnicity of the dish. People enjoy eating food from different countries because different countries use different flavours and spices. Don’t go messing it all up by passing me a bottle of Tabasco sauce no matter the origin of the dish.

1. Websites. Please stop with the flash, stop with the music and stop with the PDFs of your menu. Think about why people go to a restaurant’s website. They either want to see your menu, see your hours of operation, or see if you have daily specials/special events. That is all. Also, they are probably doing it from their smart phone, so the music/flash/PDFs make them cry.