Dear Delightful Blog,

I’m sorry I’ve been negligent – the holidays threw me for a loop. For example, I watched Batman and had some kind of existential crisis…sure sign of unplugging required. Anyway, one can only stay unplugged for so long, before it starts getting weird, so I’m back. Everything is normal – although Bruce Wayne remains a better person than I am. 

I am not a goal setter, but I have outlined a few goals for myself this year. Tryin’ something different. Mixing it up, if you will. My Top 5 Goals for the year are as follows (there are others, but I’m not sure what is more boring – blogging about how I’d like to learn how to make cassoulet at home, or reading about it, either way, ick!):


5. Master the game of backgammon. Some people golf when they retire. I’m going to play backgammon. I figure I better get good now. 

4. Run a 10K in 50 minutes. This will be the most likely to slip. I run all the time, yes, but I’m a slow mofo and it is a stress management tool, not an athletic accomplishment. I like to run and turn my brain off – so I never seem to get any better. I recognize that there is value in improving my time and I think it would be something I’d feel proud of.

3. Make falling in love my other job. Does that sound like the title for a self-help book? Possibly, but I consistently make poor choices because I don’t really focus on it. I’d like to change that. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I can certainly start by paying attention to my heart. I’d like a p-i-c. 

2. Visit at least 3 countries (Canada and US do not count). I’m hoping to go to Korea in the Spring – would love to hit China or Japan on that trip. I’m crossing my fingers for Italy in September…and if I can swing it, Spain in February. Last year was a travelling low for me and I don’t want to repeat it. Travelling is a strange beast – I often wonder why some are content where they are and others (like myself) seem to wilt without it. 

1. Become a better entrepreneur. I avoid the hard stuff. Doesn’t everybody? This year, I promise to work on that. If I have to set aside an hour of pain every day, I’m going to do it. 


Perhaps New Year’s Resolutions are for chumps. That’s cool. I’m just writing these down to remind myself of where I’d like to be in a year. A little public humiliation is always good for character building. If this is cringe-worthy, cut me some slack, its my first holiday season without booze.