I always, always, always forget to take photos, but I’m trying to remember. I would really like to become a better photographer, which is pretty hard to do if you never pull out your camera. I thought of 5 things I’d like to try to encourage myself to take more photos. I don’t know if any will help my skillz, but I’m all about trying.


5. Walk and shoot. Walk an entire block and practice shooting the whole time. I’d like to see if I can improve the number of photos that actually turn out as I go.

4. Self-portraits? Not entirely sold on this. A lot of people do it, but it seems like too many photos of…me? Too bad I don’t have a puppy.

3. Every time I think “that’s pretty” take out the camera and take a photo of it. unCommon sense really. 

2. Schedule some snapping time. Each week, set aside time to dedicate to snapping photos. Outside, inside, morning, night. I’m planning on mixing it up.

1. Have a color of the week set. Every week, pick a color. Every time I see that color, take a photo. Take as many as possible for the entire week. 

If you have any other suggestions, please share!