5. If you could solve one (and only one) of the world’s problems, which one would you choose?

4. I missed out on Burning Man. I’m still excited by the thought of going, but devotees talk about how much it’s changed. What’s going to be the next big shared experience life changing yearly event? I want in on the ground floor, please. I hope it’s something involving good weather. 

3. I’m just as keen about exploring the next town over as I am traveling around the world. You don’t have to sit in an ashram for three months or sail around the world to learn something new. 

2. What evokes pride in your town? In your community? I’m mostly thinking about this because I’m shocked at how little people seem to care about where they live (where I live, in Philly). What is the relationship between taking care of the community around you (be it taking part, or just not shitting all over it) and education? Arts? Access to basic necessities? What am I missing? How do you fix a problem like this?

1. Would you rather have incredible financial success and remain anonymous or become a big deal, but only make enough to get by?