5. December is not the time to get anything done. 

4. A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Sweet Georgia Brown, I guess those sayings get repeated for a reason. I had sourced the first part of MONM ahead of time, so it was easy to listen to an album when I already had it ready to go. As soon as it was a two part process, I had a total breakdown.

3. I like music that is almost exactly the same as other-music-I-like. This is upsetting to me. I had a vision of me being old and doing one of those old people rants to my children, “Turn that racket off! You know what’s good? Here, let me play some Kylie for you.” I need to be more open to new. I mean, my musical tastes rock (obviously), but I want to evolve.

2. I am more interested in music my friends have noted as *good* than music music-experts have noted as *good.* While there’s usually some overlap, I”m far more likely to check something out based on what the dude that sits on the other side of the office from me (HI COLIN) recommends than any industry insiders tell me to like.

1. The threat of having to be consistent paralyzes me. I probably listen to at least 10 new albums a week – far more than the requisite 1 per day for Month of New Music. …but as soon as it becomes a rule, I cannot do it. This probably says something about my blatent disregard for authority. Every so often, I experience a wave of sympathy for my parents and a wave of joy that I will never have to be in the army.