5. I drank yesterday’s tea as it was still on my desk. Yesterday’s tea is bitter, much like the lady in my locker room that yelled at me for talking on the phone.

4. I wore these stupid boots that look cute and are somewhat practical (more so than most of my shoes) and as I stopped at Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up sugar for the team (out of the goodness of my heart – I don’t even USE sugar!) I slipped and fell. On my rear. On 4th Street. It was embarrassing.

3. I realized that it is probably only my family that reads my blog. I have a big family. I can’t decide if this makes me want to swear less or more. Fuck it.

2. I ate a salad for lunch with this weird pink congealed dressing. Picture that, for a moment, and think about it you would want to eat it.

1. I noticed that at 30, I have more varicose veins on my right leg than most 60 year olds do. Gross! It is a dark, dark day for me. Dark indeed.