This top 5 list is times 2. Just like Doublemint, it’ll double your fun!


10. Eat at Farm. Cozy, delicious and perfect for wasting several hours!

9.  Check out the Marilyn Munroe Exhibit at the Glenbow

8. Wait until those big fluffy snowflakes are falling, then go out walking. Preferrably after midnight.

7. Go to the zoo, find the most tropical rooms and pretend it is summer. Stay there all afternoon.

6. Ice Skating. With hot chocolate and the biggest, most ridiculous pile of blankets ever. 

5. Camp inside! When it is too cold to go out, make french toast, play scrabble, drink way too much tea.

4. Buy a carton of eggs and throw them at snowmen. Egg vs Snowman battles are always intense. 

3. All new Nutcracker this year. This isn’t just for the ladies. When will guys learn that the ballet is FILLED WITH SINGLE GIRLS. Get serious.

2. Go snowshoeing in the mountains. Too beautiful to miss and as easy as walking. You can walk, can’t you?

1. uhh….fondue! Hours of good conversation just waiting to be had over tasty, tasty melted cheese (or chocolate)!