My mother just came to visit and her stay was unexpectedly (but happily) extended by Hurricane Irene. I love having my parents around, so I’m always confused by people who can’t believe I get so excited at the thought of hanging out with them. Anyway, this list doesn’t really need much explanation. Your mom is in town, do this with her:

5. Put together Ikea furniture. Mothers are calming. Do frustrating tasks while they are around. My mom gives me reassuring cups of tea while I’m dropping eff bombs and vacuums the carpet where the new furniture will be going (I’m fooling no one, I would never do that, but it is so smart). 

4. Go to that art exhibit you’ve been meaning to see. It’s hard to go indoors over the summer, no matter how great the art is. Having a mom visit is the perfect excuse to head inside and check out what’s shaking in the land of art. Bonus: moms like to stop for breaks and ignore you when you get the gigles about naked people.

3. Ask all of your baking questions. I’ve been having a series of baking fails lately and it was really starting to bother me. I take immense pride in how good I am at making tasty treats. While I’m good, my mother is experienced. She figured out relatively quickly what my problem was. psitwasbadbakingpowderwhichislamecauseitwasnotevenold

2. Talk about every detail of your life. Your mom is practically the only person that truly loves you unconditionally (the good ones, at least). She’s basically forced to care about everything you care about, or at least pretend to care long enough so that you can get it off your chest. If you’ve been bottling stuff up, talking to your mother is your chance to get it all out. I talk about everything from my almost daily existential thoughts to how scrubs really gross me out to stuff that I’m really not comfortable sharing with anyone else. She listens. Sometimes she responds. At the end, I feel better.

1. Stock up on hugs. My mom is so huggable! When she is far away, I look at a photo of her hugging someone with a huge smile on her face and it makes me feel better. That’s the power of the mom hug. She says that people are fragile and sometimes you just need someone to help you hold all those fragile bits together. When you hug someone, you are physcially holding them all together. I like that analogy. I like mom hugs.